How to Fix Brother Printer Error 50 Like A Pro?

Nowadays there are many issues which are faced by the user from brother printers such as brother printer offline issue, brother printer offline on mac issue, brother printer error 50 issue etc.

But people usually complain about getting error 50 on brother printer. Read this post to understand the brother printer error and how to fix the problem.

Follow Easy Steps To Fix Brother Printer Error 50:

There are mainly two considered reasons to cause this error to happen:

  • Something gets stuck in the printer, such as a paper clip or ripped piece of paper.
  • Any Mechanical malfunction has befallen suddenly.

STEP 1: Inspect Printer Manually

You can check your printer manually for any foreign object stuck in it somehow. If you find anything, remove it immediately to get your machine back to life. Do the following:

  1. Open the printer cover completely while pulling the plastic tab.
  2. Manually move and set your printer head and get it placed in the middle of the printer.
  3. Now check and ensure nothing is stuck inside the printer; anything like any piece of paper, staple pin, etc.
  4. Restart your printer but before that close the printer cover.

Check if the error is gone. If not, try following the next step.

STEP 2: Clean the Encoder Strip

  1. Completely open the printer cover while turning it off.
  2. Manually shift the print head to the extreme right so that you are exposed to the encoder strip.
  3. Using some lint-free fabric piece and clean the encoder strip.
  4. Clean the encoder strip from both the sides carefully; move from left to right and right to the left on the strip.
  5. Place the cover back and restart your printer.

Still getting Error Code 50 on Brother printer? Move on to next step and try using it to resolve your problem.

STEP 3: Check the Encoder Strip Status

Any dislocation or loose end of encoder strip may also lead to the occurrence of Error 50 on Brother printer. That calls for a close inspection of encoder strip position in the printer.

While you have opened the printer cover for cleaning the encoder strip; Do the following:

  • Remove the encoder strip.
  • Reinstall the strip at its place.
  • Restart the printer.

Wait until it gets ready to work, check if the error is gone away or not?

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