What Is Online Reputation Management?

In this era of social media and the internet, your brand reputation can make or break your business. People give their opinion on social media platforms & reviews sites Like Facebook, Yelp, Google, Linkedin, etc. You need an online reputation management expert to respond to your brand through comments, replies & positive reviews.

Search engines also play an important role in the online reputation management of your brand by showing all your SERP presence while people search for your brand name. Sometimes negative information on search engines can harm your business on search engines Like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

History of Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is a new concept of business promotion. A few years back google or social media business growth was more based upon offline market, trust, credibility, and long-lasting nature of the product. 

Before 2001 or before 198 (when google was founded) the reputation of the company was based on people’s personal opinion and personal experience. The growth of the company was mostly dependent on the brand value and perception of the people about any particular brand. The popularity of the internet helped introduce a new marketing and branding strategy or opportunity. 

The main sources of online reputation management are media, social media, journalists, blogs, and websites which helped to improve people and brand interaction. Bloggers and review sites have a great influence on people. Google has made many automated algorithms to check any website quality and provides the best possible search. Before the era of the internet people and brands used to take help of different public relations activities. 

Old Public relationship companies are not in the position to deal with new era challenges. To deal with online reputation management a reputation X was founded in 2005. The name online reputation management came up suddenly and no one is aware you came up with this term but around 85 % of the marketplace believe that building trust is going to be the primary focus of any company with the help of online reputation management. Many companies are hiring online reputation management companies to make their path easy for the long term. 


About Online Reputation Management

Great online reputation management is directly proportional to revenue as a great review and feedback online helps a company to attract more customers. 

Online reputation management will help you take down the harmful and negative content from google search engine results pages and keep desirable material above it. It is important because the top 5-6 listing in google’s search engine receives almost 60-70 % of all clicks. According to many online surveys, 85 % of consumers trust online reviews more as compared to people’s personal recommendations, and also about 50 % of consumers trust a brand with at least a four-star rating.

Online reputation management not online helps you with social media monitoring or public relations but also helps you to spread your business and sales. The growth of social media and the internet is making a huge impact on many large companies like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. 

Online reputation management focuses on the management of product reviews, service search results, and customer reviews. 

It helps shape your brand and manage the reputation on the internet. A major part includes suppressing negative search and feedback before it damages the individuals or brand reputation. 

Why Do We Need Online Reputation Management?

In the social media and internet era, a positive boost for your business is as important as the uniqueness of your business.  Online reputation management helps to cope up with the growing popularity of social media, blogs, and reviews and keeps a positive image and a solid reputation of your business

For a healthy brand reputation, famous companies are allocating online reputation management their reviews positively on digital platforms. 

  • More than 50% of companies and digital marketers think that online reputation management is so important for their success.  To keep your product value so positive in people’s eyes most of the digital market companies are investing in online reputation management. 
  • Around 70 % of companies check their online reputation at least weekly, out of them 40-45 % check it on a daily basis. Everyone is so keen that even 1 negative feedback can cost their company a huge loss.  
  • Social media is the biggest online reputation platform and most companies agree to this point. The power of social media gives free hand to every single person to give their opinion and on an average basis, every Twitter user has more than 200 followers. 
  • Almost every company has an in-house department that takes care of online reputation management.
  • Many reviews and blog sites have changed the face of reputation management as it builds trust and. Companies are so committed to pull down the negative comments and push up the positive comments about their product or company. 
  • Online reputation management helps boost the business of any company, especially a company with a digital market. Every digital market-based company is investing a bulk amount in PR companies and online reputation management. 

Why Choose Us For Online Reputation Management?

On average 85% of people trust product reviews and google the product or brand before getting associated with it. People find the internet a most reliable and easy source of information and 2 out of 3 people in this world trust the reviews and blogs about brands

Your social media profile sometimes creates problems for yourself as many HR managers reject you based on your social profile or something that they find about you on social media.

It is hard to find the buzz or reality when it comes to social media content. To filter out the content you need online reputation management. Google only shows the results which we people look for without finding any algorithm of fake or negative comments. Many negative and positive comments on your brand can cost a huge loss to your company to filter and rule out that online reputation management helps. 

Paid media, earned media, social media, and other different media platforms can ruin or make your reputation and you need to choose online reputation management to keep your brand reviews on a positive side. Online reputation management helps you in many ways including increasing positive customer reviews, suppressing negative comments and reviews, and will also help your company branding and rebranding. With an educated decision, you need to make a clever decision to rise and shine in this internet and social media era world. 

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