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10 Things Cheaper in Italy than India

March 4, 2024 | by


Italy and India are two diverse countries with their own unique cultures, traditions, and economies. While both countries have their own charm and attractions, there are certain things that are comparatively cheaper in Italy than in India. In this article, we will explore 10 such items that you can find at a more affordable price in Italy.

1. Wine

Italy is renowned for its world-class wines, and it’s no secret that you can find a wide variety of affordable wines in Italy. From local vineyards to well-known wineries, you can enjoy a glass of quality wine without breaking the bank. In India, imported wines can be quite expensive due to taxes and import duties.

2. Designer Clothing

If you have a passion for fashion, Italy is the place to be. The country is famous for its high-end fashion brands and designer clothing. From Milan to Rome, you can find a plethora of designer outlets and boutiques offering discounted prices on luxury clothing. In India, imported designer wear tends to be more expensive.

3. Public Transport

Italy has an efficient and affordable public transport system, including buses, trams, and trains. Whether you’re exploring the cities or traveling between regions, public transport in Italy is relatively cheaper compared to India. In India, transportation costs can add up, especially if you rely on taxis or ride-sharing services.

4. Cheese

Italy is famous for its delicious cheeses, such as Parmigiano-Reggiano, Mozzarella, and Gorgonzola. You can find a wide variety of high-quality cheeses at reasonable prices in Italy. In India, imported cheeses can be quite expensive due to import costs and taxes.

5. Coffee

Italy is known for its coffee culture, and you can find excellent espresso and cappuccino at affordable prices. Whether you’re at a local café or a famous coffee shop, enjoying a cup of coffee in Italy won’t burn a hole in your pocket. In India, specialty coffees and imported brands can be more expensive.

6. Accommodation

Italy offers a range of accommodation options at various price points, including budget hotels, hostels, and guesthouses. Depending on the location, you can find affordable and comfortable places to stay in Italy. In India, accommodation prices can vary significantly, and popular tourist destinations tend to be more expensive.

7. Olive Oil

Italy is one of the largest producers of olive oil in the world. You can find high-quality extra virgin olive oil at reasonable prices in Italy. In India, imported olive oil can be more expensive due to import costs and taxes.

8. Pasta

Pasta is a staple in Italian cuisine, and you can find a wide variety of pasta at affordable prices in Italy. Whether you’re dining out or buying it from a grocery store, pasta in Italy is more budget-friendly compared to India, where imported pasta can be relatively expensive.

9. Museum Tickets

Italy is home to numerous historical sites, museums, and art galleries. Many of these attractions offer affordable or discounted tickets, allowing you to explore the rich history and culture of Italy without spending a fortune. In India, entrance fees for popular tourist attractions can be higher.

10. Gelato

No trip to Italy is complete without indulging in some delicious gelato. You can find a wide variety of flavors and affordable options for this Italian ice cream treat. In India, imported gelato or specialty ice creams can be more expensive.


While both Italy and India have their own unique offerings, there are certain things that are cheaper in Italy. From wine and designer clothing to public transport and gelato, Italy offers a range of affordable options for travelers. Whether you’re a foodie, a fashion enthusiast, or an art lover, Italy has something to suit every budget.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Italy, make sure to take advantage of these 10 things that are cheaper in Italy than India.


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