How To Change Offline Brother Printer Status on Mac Device?

Why Brother Printer Status “offline” on mac? Are you looking for a solution to the same problem?

Brother Printers are in the market since long ago and ruling the market like a boss. Most of the people complained that It’s offline on Mac.

But don’t bother yourself now as we are here with this amazing article. Here you will be presented with each and every aspect that what should you do when you notice your Brother Printer offline Mac.

Below are the important points that how you can solve your offline problem at yourself. If you failed then without wasting your time take help from Brother printer experts.

Easy Steps To Change Offline Brother Printer Status Online Mac:

  • Check printer wires damaged or maybe of bad quality. Hence check them properly, if found damaged then replace them with the best quality wires.
  • Take out all the wires from the printer and after some time plug them in again and then check if the problem solved or not.
  • By going inside the setting check that if the selected printer is “default printer”, if not change the setting now.
  • You can also solve the problem by removing all the printer jobs from “open printer queue”.
  • Are you sure that you have the latest update of the software? We are asking you because sometimes it may be the reason behind the Brother printer offline on mac. If you find that your software needs to be updated then do it.
  • Open the printer & check for piece of paper that accidentally got stuck inside the printer. If you found any then remove it with proper care.
  • If all the above are not the reasons then the issue could be related to hardware and for that, you have to call our online support for an effective and long-term solution.
  • Check the internet connection, sometimes Brother printer can’t connect to wifi. If your Brother printer still facing offline problem.

If you still facing brother printer offline on Mac, proceed to troubleshooting steps to get rid of this issue.

Steps To Add/Remove Brother Printer On Mac:

Next step you can try to remove your printer and Add it back to the Mac device. you need to follow steps below

  • Open network setting
  • Go to Mac system preferences.
  • Click the [-] button (to remove the printer).
  • Wait for 20 seconds.Now, click [+] button in the same window (to add the printer again).

    Add or Remove Printer

I hope this will make your brother printer online. If not proceed to next step.


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